Abc's Of Examples Of Chronic Illnesses

Our immune system is an essential part of the body because it is responsible for defending our bodies from attacks of various deleterious viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. The immune system comprises a complex web of white blood cells, antibodies and immune factors that heal the body when we are hurt and protects the body from cancer and infections. It acts like the fence of a home and keeps unwanted guests like microbes and pollutants away. However, there are times when this line of defense goes awry and begins to attack the body itself. It's like you have soldiers fighting for your country and for some odd reason they go wonky and begin to fire on their own country folks. This condition where the immune system misunderstands the body to be its enemy and began to attack is called overactive immune system. It is one of the more disconcerting health issues in countries like New Zealand and Australia.

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01/03/2015 07:57:15
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