Alternative Therapy Health Medicine - Elements To Consider


Alternative health is based predominantly on the 'natural healing model' which uses herbal medicine, diet therapy, exercise, indigenous therapies, energy healing, and orthomolecular medicine to promote health. Alternative therapies may also include anything from aromatherapy, yoga, reiki, hydrotherapy, magnetic therapy, meditation, acupuncture, and many other techniques used by others for thousands of years. Many modern sciences continue to use alternative treatments to complement modern medical treatments. People around the world still use these alternative treatments because they work and have been a cultural tradition.

There is a growing form of Western medicine called Integrated Medicine. This new way of thinking is a wonderful combination of traditional and modern energy healing, and western medicine.

Alternative therapies were the only known treatments prior to the finding of antibiotics, and other modern medical treatments. Alternative Medicine is the original safe and proven medicine. They provide treatment for people who're dealing with chronic pain and illness.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy and pain management therapy are sometimes used as alternative treatments for fibromyalgia.

Rather than relieving the pain, these therapies focus on coping with the pain, learning to ease the muscles, reduce stress and avoid negative thought patterns that may make the collection of the pain greater than it actually is. These alternative treatments for fibromyalgia focus on the mind-body connection and, in particular, how the mind can influence the body. Cognitive-behavioral and pain management therapies have proved effective for some people.

Massage and chiropractic therapy are sometimes used as alternative treatments for fibromyalgia. Many people think of chiropractors as back doctors but, in actuality, misalignment of the vertebra may press on nerves and cause pain in other areas of the body, so chiropractic therapy has emerged as a highly recommended form of treatment for all types of chronic pain and may be an effective natural therapy for fibromyalgia.

The effectiveness of massage as a natural therapy for fibromyalgia is questionable. Some patients report that deep muscle massage is actually uncomfortable and increases pain.

Biologically based therapies involve supplementing a person's diet with additional extracts, nutrients, herbs and/or certain foods. Alternative therapies are non-conventional practices that treat patients using supplements, hypnosis, acupuncture, and many other techniques. Biologically based therapies generally use supplements that include botanicals, minerals, vitamins, proteins, probiotics, and fatty acids. There have been studies in which scientist are constantly proving that foods, minerals, and vitamins are helpful in combating disease such as the broccoli cancer connection or the wine heart attack connection. Also, improved quality and acceptable pricing caused millions of people to turn to biologically based therapies to assist them with their health problems.

Mind-body therapies are a number of interventions that focus on the interaction between emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and behavioral factors and their impact on health. Examples of a few of the therapies used include tai chi, reiki, art, movement sound, music therapy, and hypnosis, meditation, and yoga. These therapies utilize various techniques aimed to improve the mind's ability to stimulate natural healing, affect bodily functions, and ease symptoms.

Manipulative body-based practices are considered alternative therapies. These techniques include Alexander Technique, Rolfing or Structural Integration, Chiropractic, and Cranial Sacral. These therapies generally concentrate on the structures and systems of the body, including the soft tissues, the castanets and joints, and the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

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