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It all depends on one's opinion as to which therapy one considers to be best amongst all. So this article is opinionated since I'm writing from my own point of view. The fact is that no one's the best method-all the methods are good and works for people under different circumstances; a therapy can work for' Mr. A' then' Mr. B' may decide to try it out without success. So, the fact is which one will work for you. Well, acupuncture proves to be the most effective way to quit smoking as a result of the reasons I will highlight.

NEW YORK, Sept 9 (Reuters) - Chinese-born chef Ying Chang Compestine is on a mission to demystify Asian cooking and help westerners enjoy some of the flavors and benefits of the food of her childhood. The San Francisco-based Compestine has published 19 books, including an adult novel and children's books. Her latest, 'Cooking with an Asian Accent: Eastern Wisdom in a Western Kitchen,' offers ways to infuse healthy meals with Asian flavors, minus the obscure ingredients and equipment. She also folds ...

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Eat a lot of green vegetable and citric fruit, it is alkaline and it will assist to control cravings and also support detoxification process. Simple way to add alkaline property to water is to squiz some fresh lemon in the water and sip thru the day. Many great researchers say that it's the best method that'll help you stop smoking and also maintain a good health. One of the other advantage of this is you'll get financially stable as you'll finally quit smoking with this. So, In Today's world, Acupuncture is the best treatment method.

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