Dictionary For Free??

DreamsCloud offers a dream moods dictionary, but they make it clear and make us ensure that it's a place to start, to get cultural ideas about the personal significance of our dreams and help us giving a meaning to the dreams. They recommend keeping a journal and I personally love their journal app. (Registration is free and anonymous. No one gets to know about my dreams but me.) Journaling helped me build my own dictionary and since the app is linked to DreamsCloud's own dictionary, it suggests meanings for the images in my dreams and asks questions for me to think about. Keeping a journal also helped me in keeping track of what all I'm dreaming since days, as we tend to forget some dreams after certain period of time. This lets me use a great deal of expert research to figure out what my dreams mean to me. It also helped in reaching to a relevant interpretation for my dreams.

Since I've been journaling at DreamsCloud, my dream moods dictionary has grown huge and I can see that although many of the symbols in my dreams mean the same to me that they do to most people, many don't. Many symbols mean something quite different and I note both the cultural and private meanings in my dream moods dictionary. For example, when I dream of being naked in public, I usually feel innocent, na?ve, tender, kind, not embarrassed or vulnerable. It has given meaning and a greater understanding of what my dreams are attempting to convey. Keeping my dream journal updated on daily basis and using my own dream moods dictionary has helped me understand my dreams and myself much better than earlier.

03/07/2015 05:21:08
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