Infant Colic Remedies??


Although the actual cause of infant colic isn't known as of the present, medical professionals have made some observations as to why the condition might be experienced by newborn infants. When born, babies may still have an immature digestive system that has never started on processing food.

An infant with Colic usually means sleepless nights for both the infant and it is family members and a great deal of worries for the parents who feel helpless and stressed out because they think that they're not giving their baby something it really needs. This can result in exhaustion and sleep-deprivation for both the infant and it is family. If there are other houses close by, such as in apartments, relations with nearby families can become strained due to annoyance and sleep-interruption to neighbours and landlords by the persistent crying of the babe.

04/12/2015 09:11:18
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