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With the advance technology, growing research in medical world, medical treatment is uprising highly at the path of development. Medical is now the more advanced and developed area across the world. There was a time when, people were helpless at the time of any disease. Some time a whole community destroyed only because of any disease or illness. History said that many civilization of the ancient or medieval age was demolished due to some horrible disease. This was spread among the people of those civilizations.

Combining a medical treatment with a vacation isn't a new phenomenon. For thousands of years people with the necessity for inexpensive medical care have been trying to save money and travel at the same time.

An interesting spin on this

Prostate cancer is occurs among the male human, in their prostate gland. According to the latest medical research and diagnosis, the result of the prostate cancer and breast cancer are depend on family history of this form of cancer, and likewise the age. Women the age group is over 40 has the maximum chance to happen breast cancer in their body. Same as the prostate cancer, men of aged than the young has a risk factor to bring the prostate cancer.

In very recent tome, there's been a massive explosion in life saving treatment, such as breast cancer treatment, prostate cancer treatment, etc. And these new ages of medical treatment bring a new hope in life saving treatment. At early time, when there were very rare one or two treatment options, now the treatment process growing uprising and chances of relief also growing. Previous time, there was only one way, surgery to get relief, but now options are many more, such as radiation therapy, hormonal therapy; in this medical therapy; anti estrogen hormone has to inject into the cancer affected patients. The last modern therapy of cancer treatment is chemotherapy.

Proper diagnosis with biopsy treatment, gleason score, tumor markers prostate cancer analysis. Some modern and active research is going to discover non-invasive methods of the tumor detection. With the advance treatment of cancer there also has an explosion in heart disease treatment. Now there has lots option of heart surgery or transplantation. And Indian bypass surgery, micro surgery is very notable in the foreign country. Every year people from South asian countries, African nations are coming in a wide range to get heart transplantation or heart surgery treatment. All the surgery and treatment are qquite cheap comparing with the earlier treatment cost.

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