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Vitamin E is present in the following food sources: cold pressed vegetable oils, soybeans, wheat germ oil, broccoli, grains, spinach, dried beans, nuts, ready to eat cereals, raw seeds, eggs and green l...

Having experienced depression myself, I know 1st hand how over absorbing the feelings of doom and gloom can be. When I was depressed, everything was a problem. I thought the worst about all situations and I found it incredibly difficult to feel positive about anything. Basically I was a misery guts.


Americans pay extremely wide variations of price in respect of the same medical procedures and services. These extreme variations hurt the uninsured the most because they have no options when sick and they have little bargaining power with medical providers after they have received treatments.


Having a baby is an exciting time for many couples. As you prepare for the coming of your new baby, there are a number of aspects of antenatal care to consider. For some couples, today, the genetic testing during pregnancy can provide a look towards the future health of your child and prepare both you, and your pediatrician, for any potential complications associated with genetic disorders.

In several previous studies, researchers investigated the genetic basis for CCT by comparing the corneal thickness of individuals with their genetic fingerprints. This revealed 11 genetic variations linked to CCT, but with different levels of certainty; the new study solidified these findings and uncovered further associated genetic variations.

Khor and co-workers achieved this by collecting and re-analyzing the data from 13 previous studies as a whole. They identified a total of 27 genetic variations that are strongly linked to CCT; 16 of these had previously eluded detection. Furthermore, the researchers found that six of these variations indicated a risk of developing keratoconus, with either of the six also linked to POAG.

The new study identified a greater number of genetic variations associated with eye disease than previous ones because it included data from over 20, 000 individuals. '[ Our study ] is three to four times the size of previous studies, and it combines data from Asians and Europeans for the first time,' explains Khor. ' As such, the results are correspondingly rich in depth. '

One such genetic disorder, known as Cockayne syndrome, is rarely diagnosed prior to the emergence of an infant. As a recessive genetic condition, a child born with Cockayne syndrome, often, won't exhibit complications of the disorder prior to the second year of life, leaving many parents confused as to what the complication really is. In over 65 per cent of cases, the children affected are male.

In Cockayne syndrome, a child will start to experience physical complications at around 18 months of age. It is at this time, the pediatrician may notice the child is starting to slow in growth and development with signs of dwarfing in some areas. To diagnose the condition, your child's pediatrician may recommend genetic testing with specific examination of chromosome 5 and 10 as these tend to become the most common genetic defects in this rare disorder.

Once your child is confirmed as having Cockayne syndrome, you'll want to be ready for the anticipated complications. Because dwarfism is common, your child's arms and legs may grow extensively long and the hands and feet will appear large, with many children ultimately becoming immobile.

In addition to complications of the castanets and joints, children with Cockayne syndrome will also experience complications associated with eye health, most notably with complications involving detached retinas and cataracts with some children experiencing premature blindness. Hearing complications are also quite common.

Children who're diagnosed with Cockayne syndrome will also experience a shortened life span, as with many complicated and rare genetic disorders. While the condition is rare, research and statistics show that no child has lived beyond the minimum age of 30 with many dying in late childhood from respiratory complications.

Expecting a baby is a time that many parents are eagerly looking forward to. These same couples are using genetic testing as a form in which to diagnose and prepare for the genetic complications of their infant with the advances in medical technology. While Cockayne syndrome is rare, it has been linked to possible defects on chromosome 5 and 10. Because the condition is often delayed in development, rare in occurrence, as part of your prenatal genetic counseling, request information on defects to these chromosomes as a piece of your overall genetic counseling session.


As you may all know 'health is wealth,' and this well known proverb sums it up very well. There are several types of health supplements that can, in a safe way, help you to maintain the various aspects of your body's health. Health supplements can make a big difference in your life.


My favorite remedy for heartburn is dinner mints. You know what they're-the little pillow shaped powdery mints that come in soft baby colors like pink and blue. They often put them off the table at restaurants after the meal is over. They can be located in most supermarkets and are universally called dinner mints. I am never without a pack of these in my house. When heartburn strikes, eat these until the pain stops. In my experience if I have really bad heartburn, dinner mints are my first remedy choice. Sometimes I need to eat many of them but they work.

Over the last decade, a tide of powerful heartburn medications, many once available only by prescription, has washed over store shelves, helping to introduce gastroesophageal reflux disease -- or GERD, the medical name for persistent heartburn -- into the vocabulary of consumers everywhere. But along with relief has come worry. Many patients fear they are afflicted with an incurable chronic condition that, if left untreated, eventually leads to more serious problems like inflammation or even cancer of the esophagus. The truth ...

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Probably the simplest way to get rid of heartburn is to do whatever you can to prevent it in the first place. ? There are of course certain foods and beverages that can lead to a very upset stomach, many of them being the ones you'll no doubt crave. ? Foods such as chocolates, carbonated drinks, citrus fruits or juices, vinegar, mustard, mint products, tomatoes, and processed meats. ? Not to mention those spicy foods and the ones that are seasoned a bit too well, or even the fried and fatty foods. ? I've probably just sank your ship if you crave any of the things on that list. ? Sorry gals, if you'd like to try your best to avoid heartburn then these are the people who you need to steer away from.


At some point in life everyone could use the help of a professional counsellor and mental health counseling services can be quite effective in helping with a range of issues from severe mental illness to simple guidance counseling. The Clinic For Emotional Wellness is experienced in treating a variety of mental health concerns by providing mental health counseling services. If you're struggling and feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of your life and modern society, the mental health counseling services offered by The Clinic For Emotional Wellness are effective in helping you were back on track to a normal healthy happy life.

Mental illness indirectly affects all Canadians at some time through a family member, friend or colleague. Through mental health counseling services; when that time comes you can help those you care about be more prepared to meet the challenge. Approximately 20% of Canadians will personally experience a mental illness in their lifetime, if you're some of that 20% you owe it to yourself to seek mental health counseling services. Mental illness affects people of all ages, educational and income levels and cultures; The Clinic For Emotional Wellness is capable of treating most types of psychological illnesses and provides mental health counseling services for every individual. Depression is the most frequently seen affliction seen in mental health counseling services with around 8 per cent of adults experiencing a major depression at some time in their lives.

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Mental health is as important as physical health. Fortunately most mental health disorders are treatable. Mental health counseling services can help diagnose illnesses, so that effective treatment can begin immediately. Mental health counseling services treat psychological issues as serious as suicidal urges. This accounts for 24 percent of all deaths among 15-24 year olds. However if properly treated suicidal thoughts and tendencies can be overcome and with mental health counseling services, individuals suffering from suicidal urges can go on to lead normal happy productive lives.

Mental illness can get worse if not treated quickly by a qualified expert, about one half (49%) of those who believe they have suffered from depression or anxiety have never gone to consult a doctor about this problem even though effective mental health counseling services exist. The great news about mental health counseling services is that once depression is recognized, treatment can make a difference for 80 per cent of people who're affected, allowing them to return to their regular lives.

A number of mental health organizations provide Mental Health Accommodation services and support. This service is required on the part of those who suffer from serious mental illness which may be a threat to their own lives or for those around them. These accommodation services may include group housing, psychiatric hostels or individual and independent living. The residents are taken care of by the staff. The duration of the stay depends upon the types of mental health issues the patient suffers from. The programs and treatment are planned keeping into account the needs of the patient.

Emotional or mental health is a serious and often neglected issue. Many who're suffering from mental illnesses aren't even aware they've got a serious medical condition and they struggle through life without getting the help and help they need through mental health counseling services.

Don't waste another minute suffering with a mental health disorder. Have yourself or a loved one build on the mental health counseling services offered by The Clinic For Emotional Wellness.


Most people take their eye sight for granted, including me. When you know a person who has suffered the disappearance of their central vision it may get your attention. My husband's family has several members who've age related macular degeneration (AMD). AMD is a degenerative eye disease that affects one's central or straight ahead vision. It is the vision that is necessary for reading, driving, and recognizing faces. Although genetics play an important role in the preparation of this degenerative eye disease, nutrition plays an important role as well.

Weight loss surgery is carried out in many major hospitals in India. This operation successfully removes the extra weight from the body. Obese patient need not have to panic on the matter with the upcoming of this weight loss surgery. This operation is indeed a blessing for them. An obese person suffers from hypertension, insomnia, gallbladder disease, liver disease, degenerative disc disease, sterility, arthritis in weight bearing joints, heart disease, and gastroesophageal reflux diseases. There are various forms of Bariatric surgery. Lap band, gastric bypass surgery and body lift are a few of the forms. Obesity is a growing epidemic in the world and Bariatric surgery is a blessing. The operation involves low risk, smaller scars and faster recovery. It is very beneficent in comparison to traditional large incision gastric bypass surgery. The operation involves less risk factor.

I really didn't know...

There are many aspects of what one can do nutritionally to support macular degeneration prevention that includes the right fats, carbohydrates and proteins. However, one area that all eye professionals seem to reach an agreement on is the significance of getting your greens.

The health benefits of kale are especially important for our eyes and our vision. This dark green leafy vegetable is rich in lutein and zeaxanthin. These antioxidants actually help to build up the macular pigment. This protects our eyes, and especially the macula.

Whatever way you can, be sure to start including this nutrient rich vegetable in your macular degeneration prevention diet.


Although the actual cause of infant colic isn't known as of the present, medical professionals have made some observations as to why the condition might be experienced by newborn infants. When born, babies may still have an immature digestive system that has never started on processing food.

An infant with Colic usually means sleepless nights for both the infant and it is family members and a great deal of worries for the parents who feel helpless and stressed out because they think that they're not giving their baby something it really needs. This can result in exhaustion and sleep-deprivation for both the infant and it is family. If there are other houses close by, such as in apartments, relations with nearby families can become strained due to annoyance and sleep-interruption to neighbours and landlords by the persistent crying of the babe.


Nutraceutical products were once considered alternative medicine. Now nutraceuticals are becoming a more mainstream addition to our everyday diets. Swiss Sciences is a team of Researchers and marketing people.

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