If you already don't know this, please note that 'Smoking is the leading cause of Lung Cancer. Up to ninety per cent of such cancer cases are caused by smoking'. As the wise men say, 'Prevention is better than Cure ', one should avoid smoking. Though, there can be several other reasons behind this disease. It is to be noted that lung cancer usually begins in the lining of the airway. There can be various types of lung cancers. The disease can be classified as small cell carcinomas and no-small cell carcinomas based on their biological behaviour and treatment purpose.

It is to be observed that lung cancer isn't new to India. It is in fact one of the commonest cancer here. The most common symptom of lung cancer is a cough that stays for long. Other symptoms may include chest pains, bloodstained sputum, loss of weight, recurrent bouts of pneumonia, and shortness of breath. It is advised to consult a doctor the very moment you suspect the disease. The earlier the disease is detected, the better are the probability of successful recovery.

Symptoms and signs of Lung cancer: Lung cancer is termed as a silent disease because it does not show any symptoms in the first stage of its occurrence.

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These are the possible symptoms of Lung cancer. If you find any of these symptoms please go for screening test to prevent this slow cancer disease.

Health check-ups at regular intervals are thus, recommended. However, do ensure that you get these tests are done at a reputed healthcare institute. There are so many around, so you shouldn't face any trouble finding one for treatment. You can find them online. Just type your inquiry in a search engine and press ENTER. Once you do this, a list of top hospitals in your nearby places will appear. Your query can be like 'top Cancer Hospital in India'. Visit these hospitals online and determine whether they have performed similar surgeries in the past or not. You can look for offline search modes as well besides looking online. Ask people you know who may help you identify a reputed Cancer Hospital.

As far as lung cancer treatment in India is concerned, the popular treatments are, a) surgery, b) chemotherapy, and c) radiation. The choice of treatment depends on the state of the disease and the judgement of the surgeon. Surgery is an ideal option if the cancer cells haven't spread beyond the affected lung.

Treatment of recurrence: Surgery is the treatment method for recurrence of lung cancer. This recurrence treatment is very helpful in curing the lung cancer. It stops the re-occurrence of this disease after having treatments.

Chest X-ray, Computerised Tomography (CT) scan, Positron Emission Tomography (PET), MRI Brain, Mediastinoscopy, Fine-needle Aspiration, and Sputum Cytology are what help in diagnosis of lung cancer. Regular check-ups are thus, very helpful in timely diagnosis of the disease. If the disease is detected at an earlier stage, the chances of survival increase magnificently.


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With mounting research and inventions in medicine field the use of alternative medicine is accelerating worldwide and particularly in Western nations. Whereas Eastern part of the whole world is concerned, some variety of alternative medicine has been excited and practiced for many centuries. May be the result of the popularity of this trend in West is because of the evolution of medical education among people plus the excessive number of travel to various regions. Now there is far better literature available on this issue, and medical societies specializing in different forms of alternative medicine are accessible.

Acupuncture: is a primeval skill that had its origins in the Orient. This treatment includes manipulating and injecting needles into particular spots in the body. It is supposed that by doing this health and create well-being is restored. Different forms of acupuncture are taught globally. There are several forms of acupuncture which are taught worldwide. Acupuncture is the more popular type of alternative medicine.


Homeopathy: in this method the immune system of body is stimulated to support the healing system. This practice accomplishes the equilibrium or homeostasis of the entire body.

Naturopathic medicine: this represents a unique practice that stimulates the body's own healing system. This treatment includes numerous forms of alternative medicine. This form of medication can be called natural therapy plus can include dietary supplements, exercise and different foods.

Osteopathy: this was initially a method based on the handling of the joints. Even today it is used for chronic back pain. Normally this method is used in conjunction with other forms of alternative medicine.

My suggestion is that for the treatment of serious illness and acute diseases it is important to consult your doctor before making any decisions. Your physician may use some kind of alternative medicine united with conventional medicine, particularly when just the conventional medicine isn't showing very effective results for a chronic condition. Regardless of the absence of credibility agreed about it by MD.s, Some alternative medicine can work wonders. But of course it will all depend on your particular sickness plus your own body's functionality that alternative medicine can function well for you.


Being a nurse for more than forty-years gave me a great deal of insight and expertise in taking care of patients diagnosed with COPD. This is a heart-breaking diagnosis and one in which I hoped I would never have to deal. Asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, COPD, and chronic pneumonia all fall under the category of difficulty with breathing. While the doctor can eliminate symptoms of these conditions and make breathing easier for the patient they never go away.


One of the most important aspects about the addiction treatment program in Pennsylvania is that it keeps regularly changing. One of the best examples of this situation is the introduction (and success) of the dual diagnosis approach of treatment. Though this method has been present in the rule for over three decades now, it is in the latest years that it has become more popular and several treatment methods in today's times are following it.


It all depends on one's opinion as to which therapy one considers to be best amongst all. So this article is opinionated since I'm writing from my own point of view. The fact is that no one's the best method-all the methods are good and works for people under different circumstances; a therapy can work for' Mr. A' then' Mr. B' may decide to try it out without success. So, the fact is which one will work for you. Well, acupuncture proves to be the most effective way to quit smoking as a result of the reasons I will highlight.

NEW YORK, Sept 9 (Reuters) - Chinese-born chef Ying Chang Compestine is on a mission to demystify Asian cooking and help westerners enjoy some of the flavors and benefits of the food of her childhood. The San Francisco-based Compestine has published 19 books, including an adult novel and children's books. Her latest, 'Cooking with an Asian Accent: Eastern Wisdom in a Western Kitchen,' offers ways to infuse healthy meals with Asian flavors, minus the obscure ingredients and equipment. She also folds ...

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Eat a lot of green vegetable and citric fruit, it is alkaline and it will assist to control cravings and also support detoxification process. Simple way to add alkaline property to water is to squiz some fresh lemon in the water and sip thru the day. Many great researchers say that it's the best method that'll help you stop smoking and also maintain a good health. One of the other advantage of this is you'll get financially stable as you'll finally quit smoking with this. So, In Today's world, Acupuncture is the best treatment method.


Succeeding as a game developer isn't the easiest thing in the world. However, it can be done. Here are some tips.

If you are looking for an acne scars cure, one thing you may wish to consider trying is dermabrasion. Basically this type of treatment involves getting rid of layers of skin that are on the scar to ensure that the skin in the region creates new layers of skin, working to lighten up the acne scar you have.

Often, those who want significant reduction in the onset of acne scars (or an acne scars cure altogether) won't be pleased with simple home treatments. For these folks, it's important to get the highest degree of improvement, instead of simply reducing the occurrence of their scars by a small margin. That's why it may be desirable to use more advanced procedures to really stick it to those acne scars. These are some of the treatment methods that can contribute to you leave your scars behind for good.

Our immune system is an essential part of the body because it is responsible for defending our bodies from attacks of various deleterious viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. The immune system comprises a complex web of white blood cells, antibodies and immune factors that heal the body when we are hurt and protects the body from cancer and infections. It acts like the fence of a home and keeps unwanted guests like microbes and pollutants away. However, there are times when this line of defense goes awry and begins to attack the body itself. It's like you have soldiers fighting for your country and for some odd reason they go wonky and begin to fire on their own country folks. This condition where the immune system misunderstands the body to be its enemy and began to attack is called overactive immune system. It is one of the more disconcerting health issues in countries like New Zealand and Australia.

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The phrase sexually transmitted disease implies a disorder which spreads through sexual contact. Such diseases are also referred to as sexually transmitted infections, as the nature of such disorders are contagious that is, involving transmission of the pathogen from one host to another through sexual contact. Sexual contact includes vaginal, anal and oral sex. Even sexual toys aren't excluded from the group. Among many such sexually contracted diseases, genital herpes is one of the threatening disorders. By understanding its symptoms we can decide on the methods of treatment.

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