Acupuncture, in the Chinese culture, has been a common form of holistic medicine for over 5, 000 years. In recent decades, the use of acupuncture has become widely accepted as a global approach to the method of weight loss. Although not considered a sole means for weight loss, acupuncture is effective, when in conjunction with diet and exercise, in improving relieving stress, digestive health, and anxiety which often lead to emotional eating.

Acupuncture and chinese herbs to conceive?
I have friends who swear by acupuncture and chinese teas and herbs to help conceive. Curious if anyone out there has done acupuncture or taken herbs and it helped them get pregnant?
  • I had 2 m/c and the doctors had just told me that i wouldn't be able to concieve so my mother in-law looked into acupuncture and i started doing it right after I had my last m/c in April and then in June i was pregnant again and i am now 18 weeks 5 days along with a healthy boy. So i say that it was the acupuncture that helped me to conceive.
  • You can take them.You should first consult the specialist.


Are you aware of the rosacea natural remedies which are present nowadays? Millions of people are dealing with this issue in today's world. Pills and tablets aren't a resolution to this illness and therefore it is recommended to go in for natural modes of treatment. There are many rosacea natural remedies present which can extract your illness from its root. They will provide you a clear and glowing skin with no scars or blemishes. They are easily available and are affordable to the single man. Green tea cream, Licorice herb, oatmeal, emu oil, camomile, and vitamin C are part of the common medicines used for this disease. You should also maintain a strict diet to obtain the maximum result out of your remedies.

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